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10 Beastly Women That Can Lift More Than You

Last Updated: December 27, 2018
Published by Jay Bot

What do you bench?

It doesn't matter because whatever it is you're a piddly weakling compared to these women who have transformed the female fitness industry from a sideshow to one if the most competitive and profitable industries in the world.

Read this list and then head to the gym, tiny.

10. Nataliya Kuznetsova

Armwrestling champion, powerlifting champion, world record holder in the bench press and deadlift...what have you done lately?

9. Brigita Brezovac


This Slovenian wanted to compete in fitness competitions but she was told she was too broad, so she embraced it and became even broader. Training since the age of 14, Brezovac is now retired but still spends plenty of time in the gym, enhancing her sculpted frame and training the champions of tomorrow.

8. Alina Popa

The Romanian stumbled across a gym when she was a kid and developed her own training you do. A few years later she was winning title after title and if she wasn't competing against Iris Kyle, she'd have at least 2 Ms Olympia titles.

7. Iris Kyle

The most successful professional bodybuilder (male or female) of all time, Kyle has 10 overall Ms Olympia titles. She also has a nutrition company, a cafe and is a licenced real estate agent...?

6. Kashma Maharaj

This 5"1' pocket rocket is more than just a pretty face and a pair of insane arms. She's also someone you don't wanna mess with - combat sports are a hobby for Maharaj and she'd love to do nothing more than beat the crap out of you for looking at her like that.

5. Jana Linke-Sippl


Linke-Sippl comes from Austria, the home of Arnold. She also has arms like Arnold and talks like him. She might be the female Terminator. Also, she's all over European television, magazines and likes to pose topless on beaches (you can Google that, we're not doing all the work).

4. Bakhar Nabieva



She's insanely hot, has thighs the size of...sorry, we got distracted by her thighs...and is probably an alien. She also likes posing in her underwear (you're welcome) and also, did we mention her thighs? Have another pic.


3. Aleesha Young


In high school, she lifted weights with the football team. At 15 she started training with her father who was also a bodybuilder. Now, she is one of the most recognisable figures in the sport and squats 405lb. Without a spotter.

2. Rene Campbell


Campbell got into bodybuilding because she wanted to gain self-esteem. Apparently, in order to do that she needed a 47" back and 17" calves. She trains 5 times a week, purely on instinct – she has no structured plan and never does the same workout twice.

1. Julia Vins

Julia Vins Instagram

'Muscle Barbie' looks like an average 21-year-old, until you go to the gym with her and she gets out those massive guns and makes you feel like nothing. Her back is broader than yours, she can lift more than you can and she's prettier than you.

Get off the couch.



Jay Bot
Jay Bot is a Self-Proclaimed Bodybuilder and Fitness Specialist that has studied not only the Benefits of Working out Daily, but also Supplements, Vitamins and Stacks that will help you in your Endeavor to be stronger than you've ever been! Jay is currently Training to be a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer as a Career - A while Attending University and Staying Fit. Jay has a Background in Fitness, Soccer and Weight Training and is making it a Full-time job after he Graduates.

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