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5 Herbs That Can Help Boost Testosterone

Last Updated: April 17, 2019
Published by Jay Bot

Low testosterone levels can be a problem for both men and women. There are lots of supplements and treatments that promise to help people suffering from “low T” conditions but did you know that there are natural herbs that can achieve similar results? That’s exactly what we’re going to discover in this article so read on towards the end to learn more.

Low T: A Problem for Both Genders

As I have said earlier, low testosterone levels can affect men and women alike. Men for instance may suffer from depression, anxiety, low libido, weight gain, and even hair loss. Women may also suffer the same symptoms even if they have much lower testosterone levels than men.

An imbalance of hormones like testosterone can affect many of the body’s different processes that’s why maintaining a good balance of it is important. If you’re looking for some natural alternatives to improving your low T condition, the five herbs below should definitely be added to your regimen.

Here are 5 Herbs That Can Help Boost Testosterone Levels:


Tongkat Ali

Originally growing in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Tongkat Ali is a very popular herb for treating different conditions. The extract used to improve testosterone levels actually comes from the root which is known for its powerful aphrodisiac properties. Studies and tests done in animals have shown that rats that are in advanced age and are already showing low sex drive have shown increased sexual activity after being given Tongkat Ali extract. The herb can be used to boost libido in both genders. The good thing about it is that it does not produce the side effects which Viagra and other testosterone replacement therapy tend to have.

The herb is also known as Long Jack, Eurycoma Longifolia is also popular among body builders. The increase in testosterone which it causes actually facilitates faster muscle repair. This means that a bodybuilder can expose himself to longer training time thereby resulting in an improved muscle growth.

The benefits of Tongkat Ali exceed just improving performance in sex and boosting muscle growth. The herb is known for countering the effects of ageing such as loss of energy and low concentration. These conditions are often linked to low testosterone levels which Tongkat Ali easily counters.

Horny Goat Weed

Epimedium or Horny Goat Weed is also dubbed as the brain tonic of the immortals Yin and Yang. The myth tells of the joined God Yin (female) with Yang (male). Both experienced 100 orgasms in a single day making this weed very popular as libido enhancer. It also helps males to recover quickly between erections.

This supplement’s benefit is known as Yin Yang Hou constitutes several good things that can be achieved with it. It boosts testosterone levels while physically improving the flow of blood to the penis or vagina. Because of this, it’s a good cure for erectile dysfunction and low sex-drive.

Although most of its benefits are anecdotal, Horny Goat Weed has been a part of every Chinese Medical Practitioner’s prescriptions for both men and women. A long history of accounts about its successful use can be considered as enough evidence to prove that the supplement is actually potent in one way or another.

Rhodiola Rosea

Golden Root and Rosavin are two popular names given to Rhodolia Rosea. It’s an herb that’s known to boost brain power, improve energy, and even help in the burning of fat. It’s an adaptogen type of herb which means that it can help the body in adapting to environmental, chemical and physical changes and stress. It’s a very useful herb for treating many ailments and has been found out to be used since the time of the Vikings for boosting strength! At present, Sherpa tribes still use this herb so they can have the energy to easily climb high altitudes including the peak of Mount Everest.

It is capable of countering the effects of low testosterone such as the build-up of adipose tissue or fat that is located at the middle. It’s commonly known as the middle age spread and Rosavin helps lessen such tissues by activating lipase – a hormone sensitive enzyme that helps burn fat. If matched with regular exercise, a dramatic reduction in weight would be certain.

The herb is also known to bring other benefits which aids in simulating the impact of healthy levels of testosterone. It helps boost energy by improving sleep quality which then results to a healthier production of red blood cells. It’s also capable of lowering cortisol levels also known as the stress hormone. It can also improve one’s mood and there are users who claim that it also counters depression as it stimulates better production of dopamine.

Tribulus Terrestris

Chinese and Ayurveda herbal medicine has been promoting Tribulus Terrestris’ healing power and it’s been so for over 400 years. It has also been a popular supplement for countering “low T” conditions. There are even some bodybuilders who use the herb after taking anabolic steroids to help balance hormonal levels. Another great thing about this herb is that it can aid in tissue building even without lifting any weight.

Ayurvedic herbalists often prescribe it to people who are looking to improve sex drive and lessen the possibility of a premature ejaculation. It works by stimulating the testicle’s leutinizing hormones which cause the Leydig cells to produce enough amount of testosterone. It works smoothly with the natural functions of the human body instead of just introducing testosterone to the body. By doing this, side effects are greatly reduced. This herb is also capable of improving one’s mood.


Moringa is found in countries all over the world and it’s a good herbal supplement for promoting hormonal balance in both men and women. A healthy mind and body is actually a product of a good hormonal balance which means that Moringa does more than just boosting testosterone levels. Over 1,300 studies have already been done with claims, articles and reports about Moringa’s healing properties. There are those who even believe that Moringa leaves can be very important as it has a high potential of offering cure for any future disease that can threaten the human race. It has twice the amount of protein found in yogurt and four times the amount of calcium found in cow’s milk. It also possesses seven times Vitamin C compared to oranges.

Moringa easily combats the lack of hormones that’s common in younger males and females. It goes against the effects of low testosterone levels in the human body and as well as lessens ageing effects which is a common cause of stress.

Are There Other Herbal Alternatives?

There are still a lot of herbs out there that are waiting to be discovered but with the list above, it is clear that mother nature has already given us more than enough to help boost testosterone levels in both men and women. Cardamon, for instance, is commonly used as a seasoning herb but also works in regulating hormones.

Stuff such as pumpkin seeds and oil can also increase testosterone because it contains more compounds and magnesium. Lastly, you may also consider taking honey as it has been a sacred element in Ayurveda traditions. The Chysin that it has prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen which commonly happens as a person ages.

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