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Lee Priest Reveals The Most Disgusting Bodybuilding Trick From Back In The Day

Last Updated: October 17, 2019
Published by Jay Bot


In a recent video, a guy wrote in to ask Lee Priest about whether or not making love will have an impact on his gains.

Boxers have famously said that they don't do the deed leading up to a fight, because it lowers their testosterone and can hurt with focus. They don't want to think about anything at all besides getting in that ring and beating up their opponents.

lee-priest-big-arms-499x381Other fighters, like Ronda Rousey, have said that they try to have as much sex before a fight as possible. To each their own.

Lee Priest's newest video has him giving away a really, really strange secret. You won't believe it, you'll have to see it for yourself.


After spilling the beans on this formerly top secret muscle boosting technique, he says:

"There you go, a secret from the old days."

Bodybuilders taking it to the nastiest level...

So what is the big secret? Lee Priest reveals that the biggest secret used by all the most successful bodybuilders is to swallow their own seed after pleasuring themselves. He also suggests collecting the evidence in your hand, and then simply rubbing it into your skin if you don't want to eat it. The proteins,hormons, amino acid's and all that good stuff, they will transdermally soak in through your skin and right into your muscles, according to Priest.

Want muscles like this? You know what to do...


You've got to see the video for yourself.

Somehow he manages to keep a straight face while convincing thousands of guys that they just discovered the ultimate secret to incredible gains.


How many of you guys would have gone and tried this out for yourself if we didn't tell you he was trolling? There's at least one guy out there who read the paragraph before this, didn't bother reading the rest of the article, and now he's rubbing his own stuff all over himself. Don't be that guy.

Here are some more classic shots of Lee Priest, who probabally wasn't taking his own advice... but you never know?





Jay Bot
Jay Bot is a Self-Proclaimed Bodybuilder and Fitness Specialist that has studied not only the Benefits of Working out Daily, but also Supplements, Vitamins and Stacks that will help you in your Endeavor to be stronger than you've ever been! Jay is currently Training to be a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer as a Career - A while Attending University and Staying Fit. Jay has a Background in Fitness, Soccer and Weight Training and is making it a Full-time job after he Graduates.

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