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Polish Bodybuilder is Oddly Much Younger Than Everyone Thinks

Last Updated: October 13, 2020
Published by Jay Bot

In this generation, youth is definitely the obsession. That's why it's so strange that this Instagram famous bodybuilder from Poland named Pavel Ladziak has taken steps to make himself appear much older.

Instagram: pavel_ladziak

After he started to notice a few grey hairs a few years ago, the 35 year old known as the polish viking took the plunge and completely dyed his hair grey.

It's a good marketing technique for sure, because although Pavel has a good physique, this 35 year old known as the "Polish Viking" would probably languish in relative obscurity amongst the millions of other instagram bodybuilders desperately searching for attention, and hey, we are writing this article about him. And you did click it.

Instagram: pavel_ladziak

Check out what he looked like before he made the full grandpa transformation.

Instagram: pavel_ladziak

Witam was wszystkich !!! Dziś wyjątkowo bo filmowo chciałem wam pokazać w skrócie jak to wygląda. Taki zwykły dzień trenera i osoby przygotowujacej się do zawodów... Na pierwszy rzut oka spanie i trening ale spróbuj zrobić trening na maxa minimum 5-6 razy w tygodniu... dotrzymać dietę a w to wszystko wpasowac potrzeby podopiecznych czyli treningi od 6 rano do 22 wieczorem. Dobrze też znaleźć czas na pogłębianie wiedzy i praktyki. Na to wszystko doba moja czasami ma 48h zamiast 24 ale ja to uwielbiam i dziękuję wam za zaufanie mi jako trenera i mam nadzieję was motywować dalej a wy swoją obecnością mnie, w dalszych osiągach sportowych.Pozdrawiam ✌🔱🙋

Posted by Pavel Ladziak on Friday, October 21, 2016
Jay Bot
Jay Bot is a Self-Proclaimed Bodybuilder and Fitness Specialist that has studied not only the Benefits of Working out Daily, but also Supplements, Vitamins and Stacks that will help you in your Endeavor to be stronger than you've ever been! Jay is currently Training to be a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer as a Career - A while Attending University and Staying Fit. Jay has a Background in Fitness, Soccer and Weight Training and is making it a Full-time job after he Graduates.

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