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410lb Man Was About To Die Until He Saw "Pain & Gain" and Lost 200lbs In 10 Months

Last Updated: December 27, 2018
Published by Jay Bot

We've all been there, sitting around watching the 2013 movie Pain & Gain (that's basically gymporn for lifters) and getting the sudden urge to hit the gym.


We haven't all been well over 400 pounds, though. But still, after watching the movie we've all wished we could hit up the Sun Gym in '90s Miami, but alas - most of us are stuck with regular local gyms, but that didn't stop this guy named Cosmin Mitoi who reached out to us through Facebook to share his story.

He was hundreds of pounds overweight, here's how he turned it around:


Cosmin weighed a whopping 410 pounds, and his doctor told him that he only had about 6 months left to live. Cosmin took that as good news, because it meant he had a whole six months to be as lazy as he wanted and to eat whatever he wanted, because he figured he was going to die anyways...


But instead of riding his Twinkies off into the sunset, he decided that he would turn things around after watching Pain & Gain and being inspired by The Rock and Marky Mark to get his life back in order.


The very next day after watching this movie, Cosmin signed up to the gym and saved his life. During the next 10 months, he managed to lost 200 pounds (!!!).


He's come a long way, very few people on this planet have ever lost 200 pounds. And he's still going!


We asked him to share some information about his diet and his exercise routine, and he was happy to pass that along in hopes that someone else might need that little extra bit of motivation or a jump start but just isn't sure how to get the ball rolling. He's just doing the damn thing, that's all it really takes. Get off the couch and make a change. You don't really need any fancy fitness trackers or state-of-the-art gyms and cryo chambers and all that stuff, you just need some heavy weights and the heart of a lion.

He says that he lifts for about 90 minutes a day, and does 30 minutes of cardio. Here's what he sent us when we asked for his routine to share. We're not sure where he got it from or if he made it himself, but it's worked for him obviously. If you have any suggestions on things he could tweak, leave a comment to help a bro out. If you're looking for any other routines, here's one that "science" calls the best. Otherwise, here's what our boy Cos is putting up:

Monday - Chest

  • Barbell bench 5 series 20-25 reps
  • Barbel low incline bench 5 series 20-25 rep
  • Machine decline press 6 series 15-20 rep
  • Seated machine chest press 5 series 25 rep

Tuesday - Back and Tris

  • WIDE-GRIP SEATED CABLE ROW 5 series 20 reps
  • CLOSE-GRIP PULL-DOWN 5 series 15 reps
  • SINGLE-ARM DUMBBELL ROW 4 series 20 reps
  • Bench pres power lifting 4 series 15-20 reps
  • Cable one arm triceps extension 5 series 20 reps
  • Cable rope extension 5 series 14-20 rep

Wednesday - Shoulders and traps

  • Upright row ez bar 5 series 20 reps
  • Dumbbell lateral raise 4 seris 15rep
  • Lateral raise machine 5 series 12 rep
  • Machine shoulder press 5 series 15rep
  • Traps Dumbbell shrug 5 series 20 reps
  • Upright cable row 4 series15 reps
  • Standing dumbbell upright row

Thursday - Legs

  • Leg press 4 series 12 reps
  • lyng legs curls 5 series 10 rep
  • Leg extension 5 series 15 rep
  • Seated calf rise 5 series 20 rep
  • Thight abbductor 5 series 15 rep
  • Thight adductor 5 series 15 rep

Friday - Arms

  • Skull crusher z bar 4 series 10 rep
  • SINGLE-ARM CABLE PUSH-DOWN 5 series 15 reps
  • Triceps push down 4 series 15 reps
  • Ez bar curls 5 series 15 reps
  • Standing biceps cable curl 5 series 15 reps
  • Concentration curls 4 series 15 reps

Saturday - Leg day again

  • Leg press 4 series 12 reps
  • lyng legs curls 5 series 10 rep
  • Leg extension 5 series 15 rep
  • Seated calf rise 5 series 20 rep
  • Thight abbductor 5 series 15 rep
  • Thight adductor 5 series 15 rep

Sunday - He just takes it easy with some cardio.

But we all know that massive weight loss like this doesn't just happen in the gym, it mostly happens in the kitchen. He had  to make some major changes to what he eats. We asked him to share some information about his story and his diet in his own words, here it is:

"My story . 1 year and half ago i had 410 pounds , doctors said i have just 6 mounts to live.I was ok with this 6 mounts i can eat how much i want i said.But on 9 september 2014 i saw the movie No Pain No Gain with the rock, .that movie made my day and life, because next day i started to go to gym and eat healty, in 10 mounts i lost 200 pounds. My diet in those 10 mount was: At 07 am 5 almonds or cashew and 1 fruit ( orange , apple kiwi) At 9 am at gym, like 2 hours , after gym i diden't eat nothing for 2 hours, After those 2 hours i ate 200g-250g chicken or fish , barbeque or grill with vegetables After 2 more hours i ate 100 grams of dietetic chesee with 1 cucumber or tomato After 2 hours 1 fruit( greepfruit orange kiwi etc) And last meal at 8 pm 1 drinkin yougourt"

Shoutout to Cosmin for putting in the work to change his life, we can't wait to see an update from him in another 6 months or a year to see how far he has progressed!

Jay Bot
Jay Bot is a Self-Proclaimed Bodybuilder and Fitness Specialist that has studied not only the Benefits of Working out Daily, but also Supplements, Vitamins and Stacks that will help you in your Endeavor to be stronger than you've ever been! Jay is currently Training to be a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer as a Career - A while Attending University and Staying Fit. Jay has a Background in Fitness, Soccer and Weight Training and is making it a Full-time job after he Graduates.

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