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Lee Priest Defends Rich Piana For Slapping Jason Genova

Last Updated: December 27, 2018
Published by Jay Bot

Lee Priest hadn't seen the famous video of Rich Piana slapping Jason Genova revenge for Jason's Order 66 on Rich.

jason g

Rich Piana took a lot of heat after this video surfaces. You can tell Jason really doesn't want to do this, but Rich just kind of bullies him into it as some sort of "revenge".

Lee Priest doesn't think that Rich should have taken any heat for that, and says that even though Jason Genova might be a bit slow, he still knows right from wrong and if he agreed to get slapped in the head, then it's all good. Then he says he's rather get an Order 69 instead of an Order 66.

Sounds reasonable enough, really.

rich piana and lee priest

Not to bring up old debates, but which side of the argument did you fall under? Did you think it was kind of messed up for Rich to slap the kid, or did Jason have it coming?

Check out the video and hear the rest of Priest's thoughts.

That weird MMA bodybuilder guy who pretends to be this super successful fight challenged Rich Piana to a fight over the slap heard 'round the world, but he has been silent ever since Rich Piana accepted the challenge. Rich even enlisted the help of a smaller buddy of his, a guy who is about half  the size of Prophet Muscle.

Lee always tells it like he sees it. He might not be up to date on all the latest things, but he'll catch up eventually. He's a dark horse for some of the best body building videos on Youtube because he just sits around shootin' the shit about whatever the day's topic is and doesn't have one of those annoying over the top personalities.

Jay Bot
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